Turf Products

We make our turf available to you as palletized sod or big rolls. Our bermuda pallets contain 50 square yards of sod (450 square feet). Our rolls are 40 yards (360 sq feet) 42 inches wide by 103 feet long. Zoysia is 40 sq yards (360 sq ft).

Products Description
Tifway 419 BermudaA vegetatively planted hybrid bermuda with specific application on athletic fields and golf course fairways. Tifway makes a wonderful lawn. Somewhat finer in texture than common bermuda, Tifway has a dark blue green color when properly fertilized.
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Myer Z-52 Zoysia Zoysia is a sun loving grass that will take more shade than bermuda. It is slow growing and courser than our bermudas. It has good cold tolerance.
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